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Here are the most frequently asked questions about making an insurance claim against your travel insurance policy.  If you require further help please contact us.

How do I make a claim?
Your travel insurance policy will contain details of how to make a claim together with any time limits. These may vary depending on whose travel insurance policy you have purchased. Please do not forward any documents until you submit the completed Claim Form.

Who are Claims Settlement Agencies?
We are an independent limited company appointed and authorised by the insurers of your travel insurance policy to handle and effect settlement of your claim in accordance with the terms of your policy.

Who is my travel insurance underwriter?
The underwriter is the company who insures you in accordance with the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy. Their details can be found within your policy documentation.

What service can I expect from Claims Settlement Agencies?
We will deal with your claim quickly and fairly in accordance with the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy.  You can expect a response to claim correspondence within 5 working days.  The length of time your claim will take to assess will depend upon several factors, such as the complexity and availability of documentation required.

What do I do if I have a complaint about the service I have received from you?
Whilst we hope that your claim will be dealt with to your full satisfaction, in the unlikely event that you do have any concerns please contact us as quickly as possible in writing detailing the basis of your complaint. Where possible we will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 1 working day and provide a full reply within 5 working days. We will do what we can to resolve your complaint satisfactorily but if we cannot do so then you can follow the complaints procedure detailed in your travel insurance policy documentation.

What do you do with the personal information I disclose?
We may use your information in a number of different ways:

  • For underwriting, statistical analysis and claims.
  • Disclose it to our service providers, agents and business partners for the purposes above.
  • Disclose it to our agents and other interested parties and outside agencies to check the details and prevent fraudulent claims.
  • We will not disclose your information to any other Third Parties.

What is an excess?
Under some sections of your travel insurance policy an excess will apply. It is an amount that you have to pay towards the cost of each claim and it will be deducted from any settlement of your claim.  The excess helps to keep down the cost of insurance and to prevent very small claims that are relatively expensive to administrate. The amount of the excess varies from policy to policy unless an Excess Waiver has been purchased, in which case no excess applies.

What is an excess waiver?
Some insurance policies offer you the option to pay an extra premium at the time of purchasing your policy so that if you make a claim you do not have to pay an excess.

Can I send photocopied documents?
Unfortunately, photocopied documents are not acceptable unless they are certified by the issuer as a true copy of the original.

I am receiving bills from an overseas Hospital or Medical Provider.  What do I do?
Unless we have declined payment of the claim, please send the original bills to us as soon as possible quoting your claim reference number.

I am receiving correspondence from a Third Party holding me liable for an accident. What do I do?
Under no circumstances admit liability. All correspondence from the Third Party or their representatives must be sent directly to us upon receipt. Do not acknowledge Third Party correspondence or enter into any correspondence or communication with the Third Party or their representative as we will deal with the matter on your behalf. Failure to comply with the above may prejudice the claim under the terms and conditions of you travel insurance policy.

Can I claim more than once for the same incident?
No, you cannot claim more than once for the same incident unless you are claiming a policy benefit such as Travel Delay or Personal Accident.

Why do you want details of my other insurance policies?
In the UK there is a longstanding market agreement between insurers that each company will contribute proportionately to the loss according to the amount of coverage in their policy. The insurer who provides the more specific or greater cover will normally deal with the claim and then seek a contribution from any other insurer involved.  Seeking contribution from your other insurer in this way does not normally affect your No Claims Bonus.

The Airline lost my baggage - can I claim from them as well?
You cannot claim twice for the same loss.  Insurers have the right under the terms of your policy to seek a contribution from the airline (or other responsible party) on settlement of the claim. The passing on of this right to Insurers is called Subrogation.  In any event the airlines liability is restricted in accordance with the Carriage By Air Act based upon the weight of the baggage.

I have now returned home but am not claiming - Can I get a refund of my insurance premium?
Unfortunately there is no refund of premium allowed in these circumstances.

What documentation will you require to support my claim?
Our Claims Forms are designed specifically for the relevant section under which you are claiming and you will find the documentation we require detailed on page 1 of the Claim Form. Should you have difficulties providing any of the requested documentation then please explain the reasons why in writing when returning the Claim Form and other documents to us. We suggest you keep copies of all documentation you send to us for your own records.
The following documentation (if applicable) will be required by the Claims Handlers, in order that a claim may be processed. Originals will be required, as settlement cannot be made with photocopied documents. Further documentation may be required depending on the individual circumstances of your claim. Please note the policy does not cover the cost of obtaining duplicate receipt or Medical Certificates.

For all sections of cover you will be required to submit:

a) Your Booking Invoice or Validation Certificate confirming proof of payment of the insurance premium.
b) Your travel Trip Itinerary confirming dates of travel
c) Your travel Booking Confirmation Receipt(s) showing the date of original booking and amount paid.
d) Travel / Air Tickets

Your Cancellation Invoice Completed Medical Certificate if Cancellation for medical reasons (which can be found on the claim form)
Copy of Death Certificate
Redundancy letter
Evidence from treating Medical Practitioner confirming curtailment was medically necessary (Curtailment only)

Receipts or other evidence to support ownership and value for the items claimed
Baggage Check Tags
A written report from the person/company to whom the loss was reported whilst travelling overseas (e.g. Police Report)
Proof of date and time baggage was returned to you (Baggage Delay Claims only)
Evidence to support damage (e.g. Repairers report of total loss or damage)

Original Receipts
Medical Evidence to support nature of illness or injury
Evidence of Hospital admission and discharge
Additional Travel Tickets

Replacement tickets and invoices /receipts
A letter from the airline (or similar) confirming both the scheduled and actual time of departure including the official cause of the delay.

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